Left: Hubert Gerstlauer in front of the roller coaster Typhoon

It is just a short hitch, but it is responsible for a very strange feeling. Slowly the chain grabs the futuristic car and pulls it in a vertical position. Seconds later you are lying on your back, in front of you only the steel tower and the blue sky. It seems unbelievably long before the car passes the top and you regain the orientation. There is only time for a short look at the vertical loop and the rest of the track, then the dive into the depth follows. The test runs on Typhoon have begun.

"The last days TÜV was here, now the coaster has passed the last tests", Erwin Haider of Gerstlauer Elektro GmbH tells us while the car negotiates the vertical loop behind him. "That´s always a big show for the residents", he adds looking at the group of amazed kids on the street. In Münsterhausen roller coasters are built for almost 40 years, but only few of them are assembled completely on the company site.

Video clip download of the test rides at the Gerstlauer factory (11,7 MB)

The looping coaster Typhoon is installed on a steel floor, additional foundations are superfluous. The complete roller coaster was tested during December 2003, only the station building and the final painting will be added till the opening at Bobbejaanland in the North of Belgium in April 2004.

Typhoon - A roller coaster emerges

The following series of pictures and the video clip give a first impression of this powerful ride, an experience between weightlessness and positive forces up to 5.2g. The test riders were very impressed and attest the obviously proud Hubert Gerstlauer to have realized an innovative concept in a skillfull way.

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